1.4 Changelog

Should of posted an in-between build because I lost track of all the things I had done and redone.

Recoded the lasers to fix the damage dissonance
added flash on laser impact
tweaked lighting hue
hide mouse cursor when not in use
sand and shield material changes
sand dust changes
firing bound to triggers now, and fire dynamically
smoke trail tweaked
movement speed increased
stun requires higher speed now to compensate
powerup pickups look different
more stamina
shield position modified
smoke darkens with health loss
gravel scale tweaked
powerups respawn sooner
powerups first debuff then buff
321 start transition screen with sound
reset power-ups after round ends
antimony (mineral) visual improvements
fire fixes and improvements
particle effect on death (shockwave/flash/smoke/sparks/fire)
first to three wins
powerups bob randomly
clamped velocity
halved health again
sandstorm that closes in, if match surpasses 1 minute
bugfixes for player death
sandstorm soundeffect
sandstorm particle effects
dead trees scattered randomly throughout the scene
camera shake (player death, player hit/impact)
spaceship mesh updates
saturation fade transitions with player materials retaining their color
player UI improved


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Jul 10, 2017

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